local government/public safety

Local governments can use LPFM stations to provide local community information, carry council meetings and when necessary, carry official emergency information.  An LPFM station can be easily woven into a locality's government access TV channel.   

There are some unique rules that allow some flexibility for government entities.  Unlike a non-profit organization that must demonstrate that the station is going to be used to advance an educational program, a government entity can be eligible for an LPFM station if they make a showing that it can be used to provide "public safety" services.  Private sector organizations that work with government entities that provide public safety services can also obtain an LPFM license upon showing of accrediation from the local government that the private sector organization provides public safety services within its jurisdiction.  

Unlike travelers information stations that operate on AM radio, there are fewer restrictions on LPFM stations used for public safety.  This includes the ability to broadcast music and the ability to provide information beyond the current weather, road closures and the airlines at each terminal.  

Local government and other public safety entities may apply for more than one LPFM station as long as the additional stations are within the jurisdiction.  Public safety applications may be subject to dismissal or be required to move to another channel if there is competition for the channel with educational organizations. One application can be designated by the applicant as a "priorty" application and threfore treated equally with any educational organizations.

Remember, not every citizen in your community has access to cable television and may not be able to view your PEG channel.  The ability to also reach out by radio will help your community reach as many citizens as possible.  

YES! We NEED radio!