non-profit organizations

Organizations that address a certain cause or provide advocacy for a certain ethnic group can use an LPFM station to reach out to those who are in their own community as well as educate the community at large.  In addition, LPFM stations can be used to provide general interest community programming based on addressed local needs.  It may be very likely that your voice may be the only truly local voice on the dial.  Use that opportunity to be a true community resource while raising awareness of your organization.

LPFM stations licensed to non-profit organizations will use their organization's main board of directors as the "parties" to the application.  These are the individuals that are responsible for the station in the eyes of the FCC.  There are restrictions on board members who have an ownership stake in other broadcast stations or daily newspapers, former radio pirates and those with criminal records.  

While the main board of directors has the overall responsibility for the station, many non-profits employ a radio advisory board with elected or appointed members that guide the day to day operations of the radio station and report up to the board of directors.  

Your station may use either paid or volunteer staff or a combination of both.  You may find that there are people who will want to volunteer to be on the radio.

Non-profit organizations can use the radio station to raise money for the organization and its radio operation.  LPFM stations can not be used to raise funds for other organizations or endorse candidates for public office.  Stations may acknowledge underwriters and supporters on the air but they cannot carry promotional commercial messages.

Once licensed, non-profit organizations can join the National Federation of Community Broadcasters to provide information about the constructon of the station, building an audience and effective fundraising and have a voice in Washington. 

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