rural electric cooperatives

Co-ops have the towers, the infrastructure and the established relationship in the community not only with subscribers but also with government.  Not only that, but co-ops are more likely to be in deep rural areas where commercial stations are less likely to provide information, even in emergencies to your rural counties and towns.  

Since co-ops are normally non-profit organizations, they are eligible for LPFM stations to operate with a public safety purpose.  Co-ops are allowed multiple LPFM stations to provide service throughout their service area.  

Co-ops can originate their own programming or they can work with the government jurisdictions within your region to provide the information, both emergency and routine.  Potential new technology can be developed such as FM radio equipped thermostats or other equipment that can alert subscribers of emergency situations.  

REC Networks has had previous experience with applying with the FCC on behalf of co-ops.  For those co-ops that are very well distant from a urban area, this may be a solution to reach your community, especially in times of urgent need.   Even if the power goes out, radio can be there. 

YES! We NEED radio!