who needs radio?

Any organization that has something to say.  

The FCC provides full-power and low-power licenses to noncommercial non-profit organizations that can demonstration "that the station will be used for the advancement of an educational program". (47 CFR §73.503(a)). 

LPFM licenses are available to organizations that are recognized in any state as a non-profit organization or non-profit corporation.  For-profit corporations and individuals are not eligible for licenses.  Organizations that have other broadcast interests or that publish a daily newspaper are ineligible for LPFM licenses.  Organizations that have a board member that has an ownership stake in a broadcast interest may be eligible if certain conditions are met.  Potential applicants should work closely with a consultant advocate, such as REC Networks for assistance in these situations.   An IRS 501(c) status is not required for a license, only recognitition at the state level is required.

Unincorporated associations such as brick and mortar churches are also eligible but must provide substantial documentation showing that the state the organization is in recognizes unincorporated associations and that prior to filing the LPFM station, the unincorporated association was actively engaged in the activities that they are being recognized for. 

It is very important that an organization's corporation status is active at the time of filing meaning that annual reports have been filed and any fees have been paid. 

New organizations that are not yet incorporated should file their corporation papers at least two years prior to the date of filing the application and engage themselves in the community.  This will help your organization if there is more than one organization wanting a radio station in your area during the opportunity to file applications. 

OK.. I'm impressed!  We NEED Radio!

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The following is additional information for different types of organizations: