YES!!! we NEED radio!

At this time, REC Networks, one of the nation's leading LPFM advocates, is collecting contact information of organizations that may be interested in applying for a Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcast license the next time a filing window opens up. We are collecting this information to make showings to the Federal Communications Commission and possibly Congress that there is a community need for another LPFM opportunity in accordance with the Local Community Radio Act. Please take the time to add your organization to those that NEED radio!

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Privacy note: Please note that the information you are providing may be used internally by REC to aggregate demand and run preliminary checks on availability. It will not be used to market services from REC (REC has been involved in advocacy much longer than our professional services) during the advocacy process. REC may share non-idetifying aggregate data with other advocates and friends of the LPFM service. At a future time, this data may become a part of a comment filing, presentation or pleading with the FCC where at that time, the information may have to become a part of the public record in support of making a showing that another LPFM window is necessary. If you do not wish to submit this information for an eventual public record filing or if you are not authorized yet by your organization to express interest in LPFM, please do not submit this form. Otherwise, please let us know that you NEED radio! Thank you for your support!

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